We are just starting to do some presentations on our experience.  Here’s the powerpoint that I created:



Peru, by the numbers

31 days in Peru

6 different homestay families

11 different cities

33 Rotary clubs

990 kisses

2 cuyes eaten

3 pirhanas caught

34 hours of bus rides

3 bouts of travelers sickness

We have pocas horas left in Peru, but another one has bit the dust. 

Chris is sick with the gunk, puking and pooping here in Lima.  Luckily, he was able to sleep most of the day and work towards recovery, because we leave for the airport in about half an hour!  Keep your fingers crossed that he does not have to spend the next 16 hours of travel back to Minnesota in the bathrooms of airports and airplanes…


Here is a picture for you of Chris in more comfortable times, loving life on the Amazon River last week. 

The Amazon

This is the Amzaon River, this afternoon.

Tonight we have our last Rotary meeting, this with Iquitos Amazonas, the only all-women club in this district.

peru may 2 270

Last days

Today we went fishing for pirhanas in the Amazon.

Last night Amanda, Erin and I were talking as we were falling asleep to the sounds of the rainforest.  We have four days until we will all be back at our jobs, back to regular life.  It is hard to believe because this has become our regular life… getting up each morning, tired from last night{s fiesta, being rushed off to some meeting…

peru may 2 005or waiting and waiting for a ride to come pick you up to get rushed off to some meeting or project…

peru may 2 013

peru photos april 20 064eating a lunch so big you think you might burst, but if it is a lunch that includes cebiche or inca cola or chicha morada it is good with us… rotary meetings that don{t start until 9 or 10 pm…

peru may 2 006

…then to bed and ready to start all over again.  Four days left, that is it.  Yet, four days ago we were in Piura, just at the beginning of our stay.  We were off to Catacaos, the beach, with the Rotary Club of Piura Oeste.  It was wonderful, and just what we needed, yet it seems so far off now. 

Four days is a long time.